How We Can Help

Are you caught in the web of the Family Court legal system? Are you going through "the system" with no apparent end in sight? Are you frustrated that a simple solution is far beyond your reach? Are you just sick and tired of the way the Family Law legal system is being played out with your case. If any of these questions apply to you, then our group may be what you need.

Below are some of the comments that are being heard.

• In some cases a speedy resolution is not available to litigants.

• Some lawyers purger their client in order to discredit the opposite party.

• Some lawyers abuse Legal Aid wasting client and court time.

• Some lawyers appear to have been involved with "back room deals".

• Many believe there is a total destruction of both litigant's net worth.

• There are inaccurate administrative issues at the Family Responsible Office.

• Some parents who were once amicable, no longer communicate.

It's not too late to say something & help reform the Family Legal System! We need your help!

If any of the above applies to you, then please fill out the "Complaint Form" to the The Law Society of Upper Canada located in our Complaints Form section. Also forward a "Complaint letter" to the Attorney General's office, the Ombudsman's Office, the Premier's Office and your local MPP.

In the event that your matter deals with the Family Responsiblity Office (F.R.O.), send your information to the Ministry of Community and Social Services and to your local MPP. Retain copies of your letters and responses for future reference. Sample letters are available for you under our Complaint Forms section.

These letters should be in your own words with a brief description of your scenario, injustices you face, and the resolution you seek. There should be no bashing of your ex-partner, which is what the system relies on to keep these battles going.