Our Goals

We want:

1. Major pressures on the Attorney General who introduced changes that were and are suppose to be beneficial to the parties involved. However it appears that those changes have not been implemented and there appears to be reluctance at introducing these changes.

2. The Family Law legal system simplified for parties to vary Orders themselves without having to go through lengthy and costly court proceedings.

3. The Law Society to enforce the Code of Ethics if and when lawyers inadvertently and blatantly show disregard for following the Rules.

4. The Family Law legal system fair and reasonable that reflects how parents would contribute to their children as if the family system had not broken down.

We believe that although the clients are signing the documents, namely Affidavits, we believe that sometimes the client may not want to sign, but believes that he or she is left with no alternative as the court system is a system that is completely unfamiliar and too complex for the client.