Our Objectives

To see changes that are beneficial to the people who are dealing with matters within the Family Law legal system.

To make sure that the Attorney General’s introduction of Family Law Reform in Ontario Backgrounder is implemented and applied in the courts in Ontario which would greatly improve the family law justice system to make it faster, more affordable and less confrontational.

To make sure that lawyers who claim that “they appreciate the opportunity to work with government to improve the justice system” actually do adhere to their quotes.

We want lawyers to be held accountable who unnecessarily prolong court cases in order to line his or her own pocket book as opposed to doing what is in the best interest of the family once there is a breakdown between couples.

We want to make sure that each time a client attends a lawyer’s office, it is documented exactly what the issues are, how they will be dealt with, what will be the costs to the client, what is the time frame in which it will take to resolve the matter, what costs will be incurred by the client, and other alternatives.

We want to see the Law Society of Upper Canada holding solicitor’s accountable when the Code of Ethics has been blatantly ignored and financially penalized for his or her own wrongdoing.

We want to see the government acting accordingly if in fact it is determined that the Rules and/or Backgrounder information is not being followed.

We want to make sure that trust is rebuilt with the legal system and fairness is given to all parties. It is a known fact that the public has heard from Judges, Lawyers and Individuals (based upon Media reporting) asserting his or her disgust with the way some solicitors promote him or herself whether in the courtroom or outside of the courtroom to where comments of unnecessary proceedings are being heard in a courtroom that could have easily been heard and resolved outside of the courtroom saving valuable time and monies not only for the justice system to where it is administered and heard, but for the clients as well.